SCVFA is governed by a Board of 6 elected Trustees.  The President-Trustee is appointed annually by the other Trustees. Two Trustees are elected each year to 3-year terms at the annual membership meeting in February. Trustees will appoint a new trustee to fill any mid-term vacancies.

The full Board appoints officers from the membership, and fills other positions as needed.

SCVFA Trustees

SCVFA is Susan Goodis.

Seat #   Trustee Name   Term Ends
1   Zakkai Melamed   Feb. 2026
2   Michelle Tan   Feb. 2026
3  Leslie Wu   Feb. 2025
4   Caleb Gum   Feb. 2025
5  Ray Chen   Feb. 2024
6  Cliff Riggs   Feb. 2024


SCVFA Officers and Other Positions

President-Trustee Susan Goodis
Vice President Ray Chen
Recording Secretary Jessica Ollmann
Treasurer Dinah Showman
Membership Secretary Pete Showman
Newsletter Editor Ray Chen
Other Positions
Newsletter Publisher Leslie Wu
Performance Scheduling Susan Goodis
Publicity Susan Goodis
Webmaster Matt Mathis


Jam Manager Schedule:             

March 5, 2023        Zakkai
April 2, 2023           Cliff
May 7, 2023            Leslie
June 4, 2023           Caleb
July 2, 2023            Ray              Rose Garden (No PA)
August 6, 2023       Michelle     Rose Garden (No PA)
September3, 2023  Susan         Rose Garden (No PA)
October 1, 2023      Zakkai
November 5, 2023 Michelle
December 3, 2023  Leslie
January 7, 2024      Trustee #4
February 4, 2024    Ray
March 3, 2024         Cliff

Custodians Cell Phones
1 Gilbert Flores (head) 408-515-6257
2 Rosa Valtierra
3 Than Tran 408-300-6891
4 Phat Nguyen

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