Scandinavian Tunes

Four Scandinavian tunes from Sarah Kirton. Download the PDF with sheet music for all four tunes.

  • The MIDI files are from the sources listed in the PDF file.
  • The MP3s are from Sarah’s playing at our January 2007 Jam.
Äppelbo Gånglåt / Gånglåt från Äppelbo (Sweden)
55 bpm
84 bpm

84 bpm (S.K.)
Orevalsen [“Waltz from Ore”] (Norway)
100 bpm
140 bpm
150 bpm (S.K.)
Norrbommen [lit. “North Pole”] (Sweden)
60 bpm
105 bpm

100 bpm (S.K.)
Glalåten [“Glad Song”] (Sweden) (Folkets Hus version)
85 bpm
132 bpm

117 bpm (S.K.)
Glalåten (Abacci Music version)
85 bpm
132 bpm

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