Workshop Tunes

Cindy Dinga leading two jigs in the Tune Builders

Out on the Ocean (D) and Rose in the Heather (D)
Out on the Ocean, 100 bpm MIDI /

Rose in the Heather, 100 bpm MIDI

Harry Liedstrand String-Band Workshop Nov. 6, 2016

Cottonwood Reel (D+G) and Texas Barbed Wire (G)

(From the December 2016 Fiddler’s Rag)
Cottonwood Reel, 90 bpm MIDI /

Texas Barbed Wire, 90 bpm MIDI

Sandy (My Little Dog …) (D)
Sandy, 90 bpm MIDI
Blaine Sprouse Workshop March 1, 2015

Roxanne’s Waltz
by Kenny Baker (Blaine Sprouse’s version)
Roxanne’s, 40 mpm MIDI

Roxanne’s Waltz
, played by Blaine Sprouse, March 2015.

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